Welcome to the world of energy!

Hello and welcome to the blog of www.pranaview.com.au. In time you will be able to much never before seen footage on topics that range from ancient wisdom teachings, energy healing and various forms of paranormal phenomenon to name just a few. I use NEV or New Energy Vision System, which has been developed by Harry Oldfield. NEV is based on over 35 years of research into PIP and is the new energy technology platform in which the invisible world can now be seen. I will be also writing about amazing new energy technology that is now available through my website such as Aura goggles, crystal music, spirit photography, EMF protection and of course NEV. Please follow and enjoy

A symbol of love, The Taj Mahal effects the entire environment. The energy field emanating from the Taj is towards the heavens. It is a true place that radiates a very coherent energy field that has an effect on all who visit.


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