UFO’s and Vortices in Arizona

Hi All

This week is to show you all the footage I captured with PIP while staying  in Kingman,  Arizona. The following pictures were taken looking at the direction of the airport.

For a start I have always had a fascination with UFO’s and Extra-Terrestrial…….not of this Earth, life forms.

The amazing thing about PIP is that it has the ability to see behind the light or what is invisible to the naked eye. PIP does this by acting as an electronic eye to measure frequencies and photons of light itself. Due to our generally underdeveloped visual system…..eye/brain we generally cannot see the so called “unseen”.

PIP allows us to break light into patterns that have meaning and information and to be able to see the invisible to our naked eye. It was during our last few days traveling, that Hien, Julie and myself decided to have a look around the local skies with PIP as Kingman is known for various UFO phenomenon.

When I stepped out side with the PIP camera I pointed it towards the sky and to my surprise found that a giant vortex/portal like structure was right above us and in fact over Kingman itself!  Why this is significant is that you will only generally see the concentric circles radiating from the center if a focal light source is present ie a spot light illuminating the wall or the sun.  This PIP picture was taken in a perfectly blue sky with no clouds and the vortex was invisible to the naked eye!

What was interesting is that the center of it was pulsing and changing color! So we got in the car and drove around Kingman. What we found is that the portal was over the entire city!

We drove for a while  looking at the vortex. The entire time we could observe it from many different angles.

We parked in front of a house to have a talk about what we had  found.  I then turned the camera back on to have another look around. Before my eyes on the screen, were three flying balls of light that moved very fast. They were also coming out of and around the vortex!  By the time I pressed record I was able to catch the last one as it flew down at a very high speed and disappeared in the direction of the sun! All this was on a perfectly clear blue day! AND all this phenomenon was not observable to the naked eye.

I also took a PIP picture of a bird flying through the sky to show the difference. So you will find the following pictures very interesting indeed. The following pictures are a frame by frame capture of the fast moving ball of light, the vortex…both over Kingman and the Grandcanyon.

What is also quite amazing is that less than two weeks later, the Kingman local paper ran an article on UFO’s in Kingman that were captured on film!!!!! in the same same spot that I got my footage!!!!!  At that point the ET’s phase shifted to become visible to all!!!

I believe that UFO’s have the ability to some how phase shift and/or reflect the surrounding light to become invisible to the naked eye.

At the end of these pictures I have attached the link of the Kingman article.  I still find it amazing that many cultures have termed this “star People” and “Ancients” for thousand of years!!!! only now are we really starting to scratch the surface of what is around us.  If you would like to take this further I can’t strongly recommend enough the work of the CSETI organisation to begin contacting these higher evolutionary intelligences. Please post any questions or comments.

For your information the ” lines of color” you see in all the pictures are the lines of force of the electromagnetic field of our atmosphere produced by the sun. Any disturbances in this field reveals meaningful information and phenomenon.

As the ball of light appeared
  • UFO over Kingman, This ball of light flew out of the vortex towards the sun

UFO as is fly's into the sun

Just as it disappears

As you can see the bird flying looks like a bird!!! The vortex is just visible at the top of the page

The blue half ring at the top of the screen is the edge of the vortex, the circular pattern you see at the bottom left of the screen is the pattern from the sun

THis is looking into the vortex where the balls of light came from

This second vortex was captured over a sacred area of the Grandcanyon,

Click on this for the Kingman Newspaper Article


5 responses to “UFO’s and Vortices in Arizona

  1. Wow this is great thanks
    And it is alsi beautiful
    Can you make postcards of it
    Or sell downloads
    What us a vortex exactly

    • Hi Rose
      Thanks for you feedback! a vortex is an energy gateway into another realm….physical or non-physical. They are gateways between energy states. Much like the chakra system which is the link between the human aura and the physical body. In science you could compare to a wormhole. In the earth they are known as sacred sites.Post cards……working on an energy diary and calender at the moment!!!

  2. We will have to find vortices in Australia!

  3. Riveting reading Mat. It would be fantastic if you could find some vortexes in Australia.

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