Telekinesis, Healing and The Egely Wheel

A tool I have been using for many years now has been a wonderful device called the Egely Wheel . What is it you ask?  Well, I would like to start at the beginning. Throughout my life I have been fascinated with energy and healing. In my early years I had read about great martial arts masters who could perform paranormal feats of strength and endurance from mastering an invisible force called chi. Later on in life I was fortunate to meet such masters who could confirm what I had spent years trying to achieve myself. So started a life long journey into the martial arts for me from karate, judo, qigong, tia chi, shinkendo to name a few. I would quite often find in the midst of combat during competition that every now and then my movements were taken over by something else and that the “moment’ became all that was experienced. During this time a wonderful energy would be felt through my hands and a type of ecstasy.

I then started to wonder what this energy looked like and how could it be used other than for combat.  So I explored kirlian photography for 12 years until I found PIP/NEV.  During this time I also came across the Egely Wheel. Finally a device that was invented to actually train you to project and control energy from your hands and fingers!!!!

The above picture is of me with my left hand trying to turn the wheel, having a severe left brain activation my resources were focused on analytical tasks and not imagination. So there is no definite energy pattern observed, as the wheel did not turn.

The above picture is of my right hand, pretty much straight after the left one. You can see the small green, purple and red lines coming out of my finger tips! this is the energy, chi, prana, ki….whatever you would like to call it! The wheel was spinning very fast at this stage. Notice in the bottom left of the picture a pool of orange/red energy is formed……this is also projected from the hand! The wheel will turn the fastest of the part of the brain that is being used the most. Perfect balance is left and right brain hemispheric synchronisation, in which the wheel turns equal for both left and right hands.

For years I had been able to capture what this energy looked like but now I could see it had an actual effect on matter!!!! by physically moving an object from using intention alone.

So enter the Egely Wheel a small device thats main component is a very light wheel that sits atop a small polished ruby. This is the first device ever made that can actually train you AND measure Chi or energy using a measurement called VQ or vitality quotient. Your hand is placed close to the wheel and you simply think “turn” or imagine that water is spraying out of your hands. It’s as simple as that.  The egely wheel then measures the speed of the wheel and small LEDS light up as the wheel turns faster. A rotation of 200% is a healthy level while 400% is exceptional talent, very few people in the world can achieve this.  With consistent practice you are able to activate this energy at will, feel what your actual physical cues are and then control it. You are then able to first move the energy in and around your own body and then actually transmit it to others!

I have already started my 4 year old son William on it. On his first try he was able to make it spin faster than most adults!!! he is very happy about that.

Wills hand, Red energy comming out of his hands to turn the Egely WheelThe above picture is of Will turning the Egely wheel with his left hand, he has a strong red energy coming out of his finger tips, and energy pooling around the wheel itself.

In the advanced stages of training you can control two wheels at the same time…..THEN two at the same time while making them go in different directions. What is also interesting is that if you are getting sick – well before physical symptoms occur the wheel will slow down or won’t move at all. The wheel is turned by thought alone…..if you have a fever and radiating heat, the wheel will not budge one bit.

The Egely wheel has won many international invention awards and allows you to develop the skill of telekinesis without the years of martial art or healing training.

I have a lot of information about this which is too long to put in a blog. If you would like to buy one or read more visit this link on my website, purchase or learn more about the egely wheel

If anyone out side of Australia would like one let me know. Its a very exciting invention, it really allows you to turn imagination into reality.

I am also working on some NEV footage to show you so you can see the actual energy field in action turning the wheel!!!!!!


6 responses to “Telekinesis, Healing and The Egely Wheel

  1. nicole Lavallée

    Hi Mat! so good to read you. I can hear your voice!
    Thank you for thoses precious teachings. I will translate them to French speaking people as soon as possible.
    Lot of Love for you and Julia, Sopie and William
    Nicole in Québec

  2. Hi Nicole!
    Thanks, its exciting times in Australia at the moment! I hope you are all well!

  3. Well, once again you have revealed something quite fascinating!

  4. Mat! Once again you leave me excited!! This sounds incredible and the possibilities wow I can just see it. Definitely will be checking it out!

  5. By the way, Matt, when you get a chance…..I remember you making a comment about the powerful effects of music, and the one piece I remember you mentioned is Pachelbel’s Canon. I’d enjoy reading a blog on that subject….when you get a chance.

    • Yes I will be doing that as well, also I will be looking at the energy imprints of sacred symbols, masters hand writing, conscious intention on water…….to name just a few. You will get to see this in the future, I have seen and spoken to another NEV researcher who studies the energetic interaction between Saints and advanced masters on the environment and sacred objects…exciting times

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