Pyramids, Geometry and the Oldfield Filter

Of late I have been playing around with pyramids. For a while now I have had in my possession a small replica you can sit in of the great pyramid of Giza. Throughout history from the Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs, Atlantians and Toltecs to name just a few Its seems that throughout our history pyramids have been around since the dawn of time. What is also interesting is that thousands of years ago pyramids were made on many different continents in different forms from many cultures. Long before radio and the internet! So ancients from all walks of life discovered or were taught by higher intelligences that the geometric structure of pyramids was somehow influential on aspects of hum the development of civilizations.

In our universe there is basically two types of geometry static and dynamic. To explain this static geometry does not need PI (3.14) or PHI (1.618) to determine its dimensions and elements of volume.

On the other hand dynamic geometry ALWAYS needs PI and PHI to determine its dimensions and volume elements.

Ancient and modern masters of reality have often referred to the universe being comprised of an energy web, lattice or matrix. To further this we have often heard the term “we are all connected” Further more this lattice has been described by Toth and Nielson in there wonderful book “Pyramid Power” to comprise individual energetic cubes that form the most basic and stable form of static geometry. While the sphere is described as the most perfect and balanced form obtained from dynamic geometry.

SO now we come to the energetic part of geometry. Each dynamic form which appears in physical reality has a corresponding static form that appears in the invisible world or cosmic space. So you could describe that each little dynamic electron has a small static cube, while a an entire planet has a large energetic static cube.

Enter the Pyramid…… imagine we have a a cube that, and say that each side is two units long, this cube then can be divided into six pyramids. Each of these pyramids would have a height of one unit.  So if we use units as a measurement on one side of the great the great pyramid and say that one of the sides is two units long, then its height actually turns out to be the square unit of PHI instead of one unit long!!!!  This is quite amazing…….to explain further….the design of the the great pyramid comprised both static and dynamic geometry in physical form! The height of the pyramid represents dynamic geometry……..the underlying mathematical structure of nature, AND the actual shape of the pyramid is a clearly static form geometry. The floor of the kings chamber has the shape of a perfect golden rectangle which gives all the information that is neccessary to construct the Fibonacci series and the logarithmic spiral…you will see this in nature almost everywhere………especially the nautilus shell, sunflower seed formation in a sunflower to the movement of our solar system and universe and the construction of our own body! The universe is comprised of perfect golden ratio’s which we often refer to as beauty!

You can see the physical representation of this spiral in the above picture…this is the result of perfect geometry….. This was done with a high voltage tesla coil and a long exposure time. You can see the mathematical/energy spiral that is in the form of our own DNA…..the double helix.

NOW, back to the pyramid. The ancients knew about the workings of the universe, they knew about sacred geometry, they worked with nature and not against it. Imagine a world that used sacred geometry as the tool to build civilizations!!! instead of going for a walk or spending time in nature itself, natures energy could be available 24/7 in our own houses or places of work, interesting.

Now back to the beginning… you may have heard or read that the 3/4 up the pyramid in the center there is a space that accumulates energy. In the great pyramid this is know as the kings chamber. This has also been researched earlier this century with the pyramids ability to sharpen razors, sprout seeds and dehydrate small animal and food. You may have also heard that sitting in a pyramid during mediation has an effect on consciousness itself……..well it does!

One of the tools I use to capture energy on film is the “Oldfield Filter” This is an amazing little device that allows you to photograph the unseen world of energy. This is how it works. The filter slows down light into its primary colors, red, orange,yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Its funny that these are also the colors of our own chakra system…..see the connection yet? Before I go on the spectral colors of light are also specific frequencies from infrared to ultra violet, remember colors ARE frequencies. So the Oldfield Filter has the ability to show these frequencies and colors of light.

How the oldfield filter actually captures energy and entities that are unseen can be described as follows. Every thing in the universe creates its own electromagnetic field. Depending on the strength and density of that field depends on the rate at which light can pass through it. The Oldfield Filter shows light as it passes through invisible magnetic fields as a rainbow of colors. If you look through the filter in a control area……an area with normal ambient healthy magnetic fields you will see the pattern of the object  in the form of light.  If you look through he filter and you have a manifestation of an energy life form or a concentration of energy, the light will pass through it and be distorted around and through the actual entity. The filter has been termed “spiritual photonic photography” the name says it all. We generally can only see a very small part of the electromagnetic spectrum, from a small part of infrared to a small part of ultraviolet. The filter captures far beyond what we can visibly see. As the filter ually observing the natural ambient light actually slows down light it then can be made visible to us. This is why you see the rainbow colors.

So when you use the filter you are actually observing light pass through invisible electromagnetic fields. And you are looking at the pattern it is creating. So if you look through the filter and see the shape of a person or a ball of light you are actually observing the interaction of the light with the energy fields which will alter the speed of the light passing through the entity/energy field. You are looking at the interference of light.

So now we come to my picture of the pyramid……as mentioned earlier I have a replica of the great pyramid of Giza, I set all the walls of the pyramid to the four directions of the compass (magnetic north). I also placed a obelisk shaped quartz crystal on top to see the effect.  The following picture was taken with the use of the Oldfield filter. You see the beam of light passing through the top of the pyramid. What you then see approx 3/4 of the way up is a small interference pattern, a small white blur/ball of light!!! this is exactly what has been described for thousands of years! There actually is a a concentration of energy 3/4 up the pyramid. The Oldfield Filter was able to detect light passing through the pyramid and just where the 3/4 mark was the light was altered as it passed through an invisible concentration of energy. You also notice the bright light that sitting just above the pyramid!!!!!

The top picture shows the light accumulating above the pyramid, the middle pic shows a close up of the energy at the level of the kings chamber…3/4 of the way up. You will see this by the small alteration of white light within the turquoise color……….its called subtle energy for a reason.

The bottom picture is without the Oldfield filter. Amazing stuff. As you can see sacred geometry really has a an impact on ourselves and our environment. Sitting in this pyramid for mediation is also a wonderful experience!!!

Also to capture the best pictures with this filter you need to have a digital camera that has a manual aperture  setting from F1.8 -f2.8. You need to put your camera on aperture priority. This setting is what is recommended to capture the most vivid pictures of energy and entities.

If you would like to own an Oldfield Filter click here


7 responses to “Pyramids, Geometry and the Oldfield Filter

  1. Mat this is wonderful – i read everyword – (not usual for me). Your writing style is engaging and the information is marvelous. I appreciate you sharing this.

  2. Thanks Matt. Very interesting. I just obtained an Oldfield filter and plan to use it for similar research. I appreciate the info you’ve offered here.

  3. Hi Matt…im planning to but this filter, but im in India i had sent Harry oldfileds team a mail but no1 has responded as 2 how i can buy it and whether they can deliver it in india? also their numbers not in use can u pls help do u knw if i can them in india?

    • Hi
      Yes I can send to India, you just need to send me your address and i will find out how much it costs, and we can work it out from there. I do not know anyone who sells the filter in India.
      Kind regards

  4. Sorry for replying so late was busy with a family wedding…btw i got thru to them, have ordered a oldfield filter from their website only…thank u so much 4ur help 🙂

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