An Indian Master and the Aura

Recently I re-found this interview I had the pleasure of being part of in 2007. After a series of miraculous events leading up to this meeting, an Indian Yogi named Brahmarishi Patriji came to Australia on his tour to bring to the world meditation…………and yes he came to my families house to see what technology I used to observe the human aura!!!!!

Patriji obtained the state know as Enlightenment in 1979 after many years of spiritual practice. Since then he travels the world teaching Anapanasati meditation to thousands of people…….free of charge. His goal is to raise the consciousness of the world to a higher awareness by 2012.

He was interested in what I did as he saw this as a way to the western mind to show them that meditation has a real impact on consciousness, health and well-being.

This camera is known as GDV or Gas Discharge Visualisation (successor of kirlian photography). I used this before I was introduced to NEV. At the moment it is the only available tool that can quantify energy. It is patented as a medical device. It is the first tool of its kind that has become a global standard in energy technology.

The Masters I have met and worked with have all taught a similar philosophy…….the body has the ability to heal itself with the mind. And if we could observe the aura or energy field of a person we could then see the altered frequencies of health that turn to frequencies of disease, we could stop illness in its tracks. Well……it can be seen and it can be halted!!!

So sit, relax and enjoy this interview and exchange of information!!!


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