The Power of Nature

Everyone has heard the term “we are all connected” but have you actually gone out and sat in  nature by yourself and observed or perceived this connection? All life on Earth is conscious and readily interacts with us if we only ask!!! It really is that simple. I can make a guarantee to every one of you that if you take a walk in nature or even just a pot plant and think positive intent to just exchange energy, to learn or to get to know them, they will respond energetically. You don’t have to try hard just be REAL about it, learning to talk to nature is just like getting to know another person. They think, feel and will readily exchange energy with you if you allow the interaction to occur. The following two videos will show you this. But first an explanation.

In video 1 you will see Julie touching one of the leaves from our vine that grows across the back verandah. She has no intention what-so ever, as you will see the specific energy filters used are called Pink/Blue. These filters shoe subtle changes in atmospheric energy and the energy of nature. You will see in this video that there is no change whatsoever – the leaf, Julies hand and the entire environment stay the same colour.

In the 2nd video is my hand with the intention set to exchange information or energy, and to communicate with the plant. You will now see that the leaf energy dramatically changes colour as well as the entire background environment. You will see the back ground tree change as well!!! This is quite amazing as the vine plant is not connected to the tree except by the root system under the ground, they are connected by Earth. So when a positive intention is set not only is the actual plant effected but anything else that is in the local vicinity. This has quite startling implications as the intention of one person can make such a difference to the energy of the plant and Earth, imagine millions of people holding the same intention!!!!

This footage has never been captured before and is again a first using the New Energy Vision System (NEV). Walking and communing in nature does have a healing and refreshing effect on our energy field… it goes both ways. Sit quiet and listen. Plants will respond not only to touch but also to just intent. In video 2 I don’t virtually touch the plant later in the footage, but the energy is still exchanged.


Enjoy the footage, and Happy Christmas to All


One response to “The Power of Nature

  1. Fascinating, thanks for sharing this…yes I have noticed that with intent in working in the garden or when I supported trees when they had to be cut things changed to the better.
    And as the in the famous book (the secret Life of the plants) when the plants fell unconscious when someone approached them just with the intent to burn them.

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