The Layers of the Human Energy Field (HEF)

One of my most recent discoveries with NEV Pro, has been able to isolate the frequencies of the chakras and that of the human energy field. Most of you have probably read many books on the human aura and the layers that it consists of. These being the layers of the physical plane: etheric body, emotional body and mental body. The astral plane: astral body, and the spiritual plane made up of etheric, celestial and ketheric template. The model that I have found to be the closest to what NEV shows of the human energy field is described by Barbara Ann Brennan in “Hands Of Light” fantastic book.

The picture I am showing was captures using my NEV Pro- polycontrast image analysis system. In this picture you are able to see the energy of the third eye, the energy of the sinus cavities AND the first three layers of the human energy field. If you look at the picture you will see that the different “layers” can be seen. The first follows pretty much the surface of the body, then a light blue band, then a thicker blue with speckled white band further out. SO what has been seen and documented and drawn from people with the gift of energetic sight can now be isolated with technology. Its quite amazing to see the ACTUAL layers of the human energy field!!!!

I hope you all find this as exciting as I do, so many possibilities. Also to note, this is how the aura has been seen by many people with auric sight. From using the aura goggles this is the same in what I have been able to see with my eyes.


3 responses to “The Layers of the Human Energy Field (HEF)

  1. Can the aura goggles be used as a type of “training” to see the auras?

    • Hi Susan
      Yes they can, that is the purpose of there use. They sensitise the eyes to the visible part of the UV and the IR spectrum. Through practice you do see the entire aura, not just the smokey etheric. Look at the works of Dr Walter Kilner. The ones I use are far superior as technology has advanced. Alas they are rare and I no longer sell them

  2. OMG….I FOUND MY HOME! LOL….I have been intrigued by visually seeing energy for years and the current “aura cams” just didn’t show what I instinctively knew is there – BUT THIS DOES! I am so excited right now, I’m not sure which direction to learn next 😉

    Ever thought of starting an Online Energy University??? I so want to learn all there is to know rt now….HOW EXCITING….THIS will change a lot of worldviews and paradigms in it’s future maturity…and will finally validate many of us who have heard enough of “the fear of the woo-woo” in others’ voices when we start discussing this seemingly nonexistant, invisible force. For people like me, who are visual learners, Quantum Physics, Double Slit and the Universal Laws would have made so much more sense AFTER seeing this…lol…I understand much more now. AWESOOOOME WORK! Please, keep doing it….we are starving for this knowlege. And, THANK YOU so very much.

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