Crystal Entities-Silicon based life forms

Many of you would be familiar with the use of crystals in healing and ceremony. In the 80’s Dr Harry Oldfield was the first to observe sentient beings that consisted of white light that resided in approximately one in ten crystals (shop bought), mainly quartz. During his experiments he was able to observe with the assistance of healers and sensitives these living beings move around and actually leave the crystals and come come back. I remember him saying as I was watching the footage” ” stop, hold still there is a phenomenon that has never been seen before coming out of the crystal, followed by its ok its white. These beings so far consist of pure white light which is the culmination of all frequencies. These little beings have a vast personality as we do. Some are shy and some are very boisterous! You might be familiar with the use of crystals during energetic work such as healing and meditation. Quite often there is a feeling of movement, prickles, breeze(cool or warm) and a familiarity. You might also have read that crystals such as quartz have been used by the Australian traditional landholders for over 40,000 years as a healing method and a right of passage to become a medicine man, or a karadji (man of high degree) to enter the spirit world or dream time. Quite often the quartz crystal was either swallowed or placed under the skin or ingested as a concoction. Through this means the world of spirit or the dream time was readily accessed and the karadji man was able to perform feats of healing and manipulate reality for the benefit of the people. Throughout history the humble crystal has played a large role in healing people to heal and gain information that was not able to be attained through the normal five senses. Today we are able to take a look on the not so rare occasion into this world. Ancient people must of had the ability to recognize that a quartz crystal was more than a rock!!! they must have known that a small amount of crystals possessed “hosts” or spirits. I really do think that myths and legends in regard to nature spirits, fairies etc have a very real basis in reality! as I have seen them through the lens of my camera while the crystal user was telling me that the entity is now out and visible! Its also interesting that the majority of our body also consists of crystal structures! so by nature we already naturally resonate with them. In nature crystals are a perfect structure. In electronics crystal have been used for many years to transmit signals, store information, transmit information. The 21st century is based around silicon technology….just look at the microchip! It doesn’t take much imagination to think that they could be used to direct thought and consciousness to amplify the signal into a more harmonious form to produce a healing effect!!! as humans we also produce electricity and subsequently an electromagnetic field. A tiny piece of silicon can contain the information of an entire library…..imagine this used by a healer with the resources of an infinite mind! food for thought. SO back to the crystal entity. I now have a few of these pictures, it has taken a while but I am happy to show you one of them now. This little entity..well quite a few of them make there home in a small piece of crystal that my sister is very fond of, and for good reason. These beings of light respond to her thought when she asks them for healing. On this occasion they were happy to show them selves. When you see a crystal being you are able to move the crystal on an xy axis and it stays the same, this rules out reflected light as artifact. As a reflection will move and disappear, a crystal entity will enjoy the ride!! So remember to pick your own crystals, if you really like one in particular there usually is a very good reason. When you communicate with them your thoughts are more than enough. They respond to kindness and requests for healing. Enjoy the photo. The filter used is “polycon” the white balls of light are the silicon based life forms.


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