Spiritual Teachers and Spiritual development- The Invisible Transference of Energy

One of the most amazing discoveries I have made is working with living Spiritual Masters. A TRUE enlightened Master( these individuals are very rare indeed!) has an effect on everyone and everything they touch. Sitting with a Master and sharing food, touching their feet, having a picture in your house of them, being around them in satsang etc all have a reason! The reason is energetic. I have a conference with an Indian Scientist who was studying Saints and Masters. She was able to measure the spiritual development of a person through there hand writing. She found that A true Enlightened Masters hand writing actually emitted its own energy field of that of the Master! The actual enlightened consciousness was carried in everything they speak and touch. I personally call it “kindling” A true living Master is is like an intense fire, there energy field radiates pure Divine Consciousness. When an individual is near a Master or connects with a Master there lesser fire burns brighter and harder, much like kindling a fire. The energy or information of consciousness is thus transferred to the student. This is also true for keeping a picture of your Teacher/Guru/Master in your house! the real pictures of them also radiate a bright gold field that actually transfers through the picture! When an enlightened Master leaves food left overs and a disciple or student eats it, this also transfers the divine energy, when you touch a Master. ie on there feet this subtle but life changing current is also transferred. A true teacher has the ability to bring a student into higher consciousness and eventually enlightenment. So in the history Spiritual Master and student relationships has a profound energetic reason! I have been fortunate enough to have a letter written to me by a living Master. The below NEV pictures are: Control, this is just a plain white envelope with no letter in it what so ever, so you are just observing the normal energy patterns of the environment. The second picture contains the letter of a Living Master/Spiritual teacher….you will see that the hand writing emits a gold field, remember that it is written with an enlightened consciousness so that same energy is transferred into the writing. This experiment can be applied to anyone to observe there level of spiritual development. Spiritual students are quite often lesser version of there teachers, until they reach a state of Enlightenment. Here is the picture of the energy field surrounding a Masters handwriting. You will notice a vast difference in this as opposed to the control, look at the white and gold light produced from the Teacher, also observe that it also changes the patterns of energy in the room.


The above picture is the “control” envelope, nothing inside.



This envelope contains the letter of an Enlightened Individual. The mere hand writing radiates Divine Consciousness.

Much information has been forgotten on WHY certain rituals are done. Much is taken by spiritual seekers as “that’s the way we do it”. Remember that there is always an energy/conscious reason for every action that occurs. Mindless following is one of the most dangerous things that we can do for our consciousness. A true Teacher is always a sure way to “guide” the developing mind/consciousness to higher states of awareness. 


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