Spiritual Photonic Photography- The Oldfield Filter

My latest video on Spirit Photography, goes far beyond just capturing orbs on film. This filter allows you to capture high detailed spirit and paranormal phenomenon. It just goes in front of any camera. It works on the theory that light travels at different speeds in different dimensions, and that light also moves in spirals. In skilled hands the user is able to see the ambient informational fields of the past, open the world of quantum physics. The filter can reveal far more than simple shapes and shadows. Full detail of clothing, face and objects have been captured using this filter.


4 responses to “Spiritual Photonic Photography- The Oldfield Filter

  1. The Oldfield Camera Filter is a simple DIFFRACTION GRATING. These have been around for a long time Cokin used (or perhaps still do) a filter for 35mm cameras it’s Cokin’s #40 . He charges £24. If you go here http://www.mindsetsonline.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=1009604 you get the same effect for £1.14 and it has sweet FA to do with ambient informational fields of the past, nor does it open the world of quantum physics. They are used extensively in spectroscopes for splitting white light into it’s component parts rather like a prism.

  2. THE OLDFIELD FILTER EXPLAINED-what exactly are you looking at!

    I get a lot of questions about what is the Oldfield filter looking at and what am I seeing. So here is the answer!!!!!!! The Oldfield filter is simply a light diffraction grating prism. Follow the link for a very detailed explanation. So when you are looking through the filter you would have noticed that you see generally the object you are looking at as well as it double above and below OR side by side, depending how you hold the filter. What you are seeing here is the splitting of the object into its light form or colours, its very simple. So you ARE actually looking at the frequencies of light that make up the physical component of the object! As our eyes cannot generally see the frequency of light and or the colours that make up light the filter allows us to do that! The paranormal claims are due to how the filter is make. Its a bit different from normal prism. We are able to see non-physical phenomenon as it is usually in the realms of light. As we can only perceive a very narrow frequency band that makes up our perception of the meaningful universe. The Oldfield filter allows us to see what we generally cannot see which is light and its components. An entity, ghost, nature spirit etc can be captured due to the simple break down of light. Its that easy! So when you take pictures of the landscape, water, people and buildings look closely to what frequencies of colour make up the bands of light you see. The dominant colour is the dominant light field or energy pattern you are seeing. Any way here is a detailed link, let me know if you would like to know more or purchase one.

  3. diffraction grating vs oldfield filter

    Hi pranaviewaustralia, – can you explain what the difference is between a normal diffraction grating and the Oldfield filter, I’ve been looking for an answer and it seems like you might be the guy who can explain it to me. You say; “The paranormal claims are due to how the filter is make. Its a bit different from normal prism”. What’s the different?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Andrew
      There is no difference, only that the Oldfield filter is cut into a convenient size to go over a camera. A normal prism and a diffraction grating lense basically do the same thing, the difference is that with the lens structure. A grating lens diffracts the light and splits the incoming white light into two separate “beams” of colour. The normal prism refracts and bends the light once. In a prism you get roygbiv one way. In a grating lens you get roygbiv and its diffraction vibgyor. Prisms have been used in gem therapy to see what ray is produced as opposed to its colour. From this gems can be used in healing etc. A prism is usually in a thick triangular shape and would not go over a camera lens. As you would probably know if you are writing this to me.

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