Online Biofield Analysis

Online Biofield Analysis

Biofield Reader Scan (BFR)


Bio Energy Assessment

Imagine taking a photograph or video of yourself and being able to actually SEE the unique blueprint energy that is “YOU”. Well you can . . . . . . . . . . !!!!!

Your energy meridians and Chakra’s are now clearly visible in real time through video or still imaging with this amazing software “BFR”, a Bio Energy Assessment System”

What is BFR? – Biofield Reader


BFR is internationally recognised as an effective ‘Bio Energy Assessment System’, . This visual, non-invasive system will reveal where current problems may exist and where developing issues might arise. Using a real time moving image of the body’s energy field (or aura) the operator can identify and monitor problems associated with your bio energy field. If addressedearly enough, this may prevent dis-ease or infection manifesting itself in the physical body.  It can show past, present and future conditions and imbalances in the energy field.

Follow this link to learn more! Online biofield assessment 


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