Spiritual Photonic Photography- The Oldfield Filter

My latest video on Spirit Photography, goes far beyond just capturing orbs on film. This filter allows you to capture high detailed spirit and paranormal phenomenon. It just goes in front of any camera. It works on the theory that light travels at different speeds in different dimensions, and that light also moves in spirals. In skilled hands the user is able to see the ambient informational fields of the past, open the world of quantum physics. The filter can reveal far more than simple shapes and shadows. Full detail of clothing, face and objects have been captured using this filter.


Spiritual Teachers and Spiritual development- The Invisible Transference of Energy

One of the most amazing discoveries I have made is working with living Spiritual Masters. A TRUE enlightened Master( these individuals are very rare indeed!) has an effect on everyone and everything they touch. Sitting with a Master and sharing food, touching their feet, having a picture in your house of them, being around them in satsang etc all have a reason! The reason is energetic. I have a conference with an Indian Scientist who was studying Saints and Masters. She was able to measure the spiritual development of a person through there hand writing. She found that A true Enlightened Masters hand writing actually emitted its own energy field of that of the Master! The actual enlightened consciousness was carried in everything they speak and touch. I personally call it “kindling” A true living Master is is like an intense fire, there energy field radiates pure Divine Consciousness. When an individual is near a Master or connects with a Master there lesser fire burns brighter and harder, much like kindling a fire. The energy or information of consciousness is thus transferred to the student. This is also true for keeping a picture of your Teacher/Guru/Master in your house! the real pictures of them also radiate a bright gold field that actually transfers through the picture! When an enlightened Master leaves food left overs and a disciple or student eats it, this also transfers the divine energy, when you touch a Master. ie on there feet this subtle but life changing current is also transferred. A true teacher has the ability to bring a student into higher consciousness and eventually enlightenment. So in the history Spiritual Master and student relationships has a profound energetic reason! I have been fortunate enough to have a letter written to me by a living Master. The below NEV pictures are: Control, this is just a plain white envelope with no letter in it what so ever, so you are just observing the normal energy patterns of the environment. The second picture contains the letter of a Living Master/Spiritual teacher….you will see that the hand writing emits a gold field, remember that it is written with an enlightened consciousness so that same energy is transferred into the writing. This experiment can be applied to anyone to observe there level of spiritual development. Spiritual students are quite often lesser version of there teachers, until they reach a state of Enlightenment. Here is the picture of the energy field surrounding a Masters handwriting. You will notice a vast difference in this as opposed to the control, look at the white and gold light produced from the Teacher, also observe that it also changes the patterns of energy in the room.


The above picture is the “control” envelope, nothing inside.



This envelope contains the letter of an Enlightened Individual. The mere hand writing radiates Divine Consciousness.

Much information has been forgotten on WHY certain rituals are done. Much is taken by spiritual seekers as “that’s the way we do it”. Remember that there is always an energy/conscious reason for every action that occurs. Mindless following is one of the most dangerous things that we can do for our consciousness. A true Teacher is always a sure way to “guide” the developing mind/consciousness to higher states of awareness. 

The Power of Negative Ions- The Ocean and Bodies of Water

Negative Ions- the invisible healer.

Negative ions enhance our mood, stimulate our senses, improve appetite and sexual drive, provide relief from hay fever, sinusitis, bronchial asthma, allergies, migraines, even post operative pain and burns. Negative ions stimulate the reticuloendothelial system which is a group of defense cells in our bodies which marshal our resistance to disease. Negative ions promote alpha brain waves and increased brain wave amplitude which results in a higher awareness level. The body is better able to absorb oxygen into the blood cells, oxidize serotonin and filter airborne contaminants.

Normal ion counts in fresh country air is 2,000-4,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. At a large water fall you might find over 100,000 negative ions. Polluted air such as in large cities might have less than 100 ions.



The above pictures are of a highly energized negative ion state using our NEV technology. The brilliant greens and reds of the filter- Blend 2. The top is without the filter the bottom is with the filter applied.

You might have noticed that you feel more refreshed near the ocean, a waterfall or even taking a shower. This is because all of these areas have a higher concentration of negative ions to positive ones. The ocean typically has 2000 negative ions and 1000 positive. The force or energy of the falling or splashing water causes splitting of neutral particles of air, freeing electrons which attach to other air molecules causing a negative charge.

Indoor air also has concentrations of positive and negative ions just like the air outside. A well ventilated home will have similar concentrations of air ions as the outdoor air. Normal outdoor air (unless you are at the ocean or in the country) will have slightly more positive ions compared to negative ions. Indoor air can receive a higher negative ion count through simple things like showering or having a water source like an indoor fountain or a artificial negative ion generator.  The air can also become positively charged or have an abundance of positive ions through pollution and static electricity in your home. Polluted air with a high particulate count of dust will become statically charged. This static charge will attract the negative ions subsequently depleting or absorbing them. The end result will be indoor air with a depleted supply of negative ions an an oversupply of positive ions.

Static can also come from synthetic building materials, synthetic carpets, synthetic furniture, synthetic fabrics and clothing, plastics, urethane finishes, as well as EMF’s. All of these synthetic materials and objects will greatly upset the normal ion balance.

Indoor air that has a higher concentration of positive ions can lead to Sick Building Syndrome or even symptoms usually associated with Seasonal Affective Disorder or the “winter blahs”. Studies suggest that air with a overall depleted ion count (positive and negative) or an abundance of positive ions and a lack of negative ions, does not promote a healthy environment and should be treated as polluted air.



Again the top picture is without the filter, the bottom picture is with the filter applied. This is lifeless water in a back water, no life. It is actually detrimental to your energy field sitting close to this. There would be more positive ions than negative ions. Compare both pictures and you can clearly see the difference in energy patterns. Vivid bright compered to dull and patternless. Time in a healthy environment is the best medicine.

Crystal Entities-Silicon based life forms

Many of you would be familiar with the use of crystals in healing and ceremony. In the 80’s Dr Harry Oldfield was the first to observe sentient beings that consisted of white light that resided in approximately one in ten crystals (shop bought), mainly quartz. During his experiments he was able to observe with the assistance of healers and sensitives these living beings move around and actually leave the crystals and come come back. I remember him saying as I was watching the footage” ” stop, hold still there is a phenomenon that has never been seen before coming out of the crystal, followed by its ok its white. These beings so far consist of pure white light which is the culmination of all frequencies. These little beings have a vast personality as we do. Some are shy and some are very boisterous! You might be familiar with the use of crystals during energetic work such as healing and meditation. Quite often there is a feeling of movement, prickles, breeze(cool or warm) and a familiarity. You might also have read that crystals such as quartz have been used by the Australian traditional landholders for over 40,000 years as a healing method and a right of passage to become a medicine man, or a karadji (man of high degree) to enter the spirit world or dream time. Quite often the quartz crystal was either swallowed or placed under the skin or ingested as a concoction. Through this means the world of spirit or the dream time was readily accessed and the karadji man was able to perform feats of healing and manipulate reality for the benefit of the people. Throughout history the humble crystal has played a large role in healing people to heal and gain information that was not able to be attained through the normal five senses. Today we are able to take a look on the not so rare occasion into this world. Ancient people must of had the ability to recognize that a quartz crystal was more than a rock!!! they must have known that a small amount of crystals possessed “hosts” or spirits. I really do think that myths and legends in regard to nature spirits, fairies etc have a very real basis in reality! as I have seen them through the lens of my camera while the crystal user was telling me that the entity is now out and visible! Its also interesting that the majority of our body also consists of crystal structures! so by nature we already naturally resonate with them. In nature crystals are a perfect structure. In electronics crystal have been used for many years to transmit signals, store information, transmit information. The 21st century is based around silicon technology….just look at the microchip! It doesn’t take much imagination to think that they could be used to direct thought and consciousness to amplify the signal into a more harmonious form to produce a healing effect!!! as humans we also produce electricity and subsequently an electromagnetic field. A tiny piece of silicon can contain the information of an entire library…..imagine this used by a healer with the resources of an infinite mind! food for thought. SO back to the crystal entity. I now have a few of these pictures, it has taken a while but I am happy to show you one of them now. This little entity..well quite a few of them make there home in a small piece of crystal that my sister is very fond of, and for good reason. These beings of light respond to her thought when she asks them for healing. On this occasion they were happy to show them selves. When you see a crystal being you are able to move the crystal on an xy axis and it stays the same, this rules out reflected light as artifact. As a reflection will move and disappear, a crystal entity will enjoy the ride!! So remember to pick your own crystals, if you really like one in particular there usually is a very good reason. When you communicate with them your thoughts are more than enough. They respond to kindness and requests for healing. Enjoy the photo. The filter used is “polycon” the white balls of light are the silicon based life forms.

The Layers of the Human Energy Field (HEF)

One of my most recent discoveries with NEV Pro, has been able to isolate the frequencies of the chakras and that of the human energy field. Most of you have probably read many books on the human aura and the layers that it consists of. These being the layers of the physical plane: etheric body, emotional body and mental body. The astral plane: astral body, and the spiritual plane made up of etheric, celestial and ketheric template. The model that I have found to be the closest to what NEV shows of the human energy field is described by Barbara Ann Brennan in “Hands Of Light” fantastic book.

The picture I am showing was captures using my NEV Pro- polycontrast image analysis system. In this picture you are able to see the energy of the third eye, the energy of the sinus cavities AND the first three layers of the human energy field. If you look at the picture you will see that the different “layers” can be seen. The first follows pretty much the surface of the body, then a light blue band, then a thicker blue with speckled white band further out. SO what has been seen and documented and drawn from people with the gift of energetic sight can now be isolated with technology. Its quite amazing to see the ACTUAL layers of the human energy field!!!!

I hope you all find this as exciting as I do, so many possibilities. Also to note, this is how the aura has been seen by many people with auric sight. From using the aura goggles this is the same in what I have been able to see with my eyes.

The Power of Nature

Everyone has heard the term “we are all connected” but have you actually gone out and sat in  nature by yourself and observed or perceived this connection? All life on Earth is conscious and readily interacts with us if we only ask!!! It really is that simple. I can make a guarantee to every one of you that if you take a walk in nature or even just a pot plant and think positive intent to just exchange energy, to learn or to get to know them, they will respond energetically. You don’t have to try hard just be REAL about it, learning to talk to nature is just like getting to know another person. They think, feel and will readily exchange energy with you if you allow the interaction to occur. The following two videos will show you this. But first an explanation.

In video 1 you will see Julie touching one of the leaves from our vine that grows across the back verandah. She has no intention what-so ever, as you will see the specific energy filters used are called Pink/Blue. These filters shoe subtle changes in atmospheric energy and the energy of nature. You will see in this video that there is no change whatsoever – the leaf, Julies hand and the entire environment stay the same colour.

In the 2nd video is my hand with the intention set to exchange information or energy, and to communicate with the plant. You will now see that the leaf energy dramatically changes colour as well as the entire background environment. You will see the back ground tree change as well!!! This is quite amazing as the vine plant is not connected to the tree except by the root system under the ground, they are connected by Earth. So when a positive intention is set not only is the actual plant effected but anything else that is in the local vicinity. This has quite startling implications as the intention of one person can make such a difference to the energy of the plant and Earth, imagine millions of people holding the same intention!!!!

This footage has never been captured before and is again a first using the New Energy Vision System (NEV). Walking and communing in nature does have a healing and refreshing effect on our energy field…..as it goes both ways. Sit quiet and listen. Plants will respond not only to touch but also to just intent. In video 2 I don’t virtually touch the plant later in the footage, but the energy is still exchanged.


Enjoy the footage, and Happy Christmas to All

An Indian Master and the Aura

Recently I re-found this interview I had the pleasure of being part of in 2007. After a series of miraculous events leading up to this meeting, an Indian Yogi named Brahmarishi Patriji came to Australia on his tour to bring to the world meditation…………and yes he came to my families house to see what technology I used to observe the human aura!!!!!

Patriji obtained the state know as Enlightenment in 1979 after many years of spiritual practice. Since then he travels the world teaching Anapanasati meditation to thousands of people…….free of charge. His goal is to raise the consciousness of the world to a higher awareness by 2012.

He was interested in what I did as he saw this as a way to the western mind to show them that meditation has a real impact on consciousness, health and well-being.

This camera is known as GDV or Gas Discharge Visualisation (successor of kirlian photography). I used this before I was introduced to NEV. At the moment it is the only available tool that can quantify energy. It is patented as a medical device. It is the first tool of its kind that has become a global standard in energy technology.

The Masters I have met and worked with have all taught a similar philosophy…….the body has the ability to heal itself with the mind. And if we could observe the aura or energy field of a person we could then see the altered frequencies of health that turn to frequencies of disease, we could stop illness in its tracks. Well……it can be seen and it can be halted!!!

So sit, relax and enjoy this interview and exchange of information!!!

Pyramids, Geometry and the Oldfield Filter

Of late I have been playing around with pyramids. For a while now I have had in my possession a small replica you can sit in of the great pyramid of Giza. Throughout history from the Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs, Atlantians and Toltecs to name just a few Its seems that throughout our history pyramids have been around since the dawn of time. What is also interesting is that thousands of years ago pyramids were made on many different continents in different forms from many cultures. Long before radio and the internet! So ancients from all walks of life discovered or were taught by higher intelligences that the geometric structure of pyramids was somehow influential on aspects of hum the development of civilizations.

In our universe there is basically two types of geometry static and dynamic. To explain this static geometry does not need PI (3.14) or PHI (1.618) to determine its dimensions and elements of volume.

On the other hand dynamic geometry ALWAYS needs PI and PHI to determine its dimensions and volume elements.

Ancient and modern masters of reality have often referred to the universe being comprised of an energy web, lattice or matrix. To further this we have often heard the term “we are all connected” Further more this lattice has been described by Toth and Nielson in there wonderful book “Pyramid Power” to comprise individual energetic cubes that form the most basic and stable form of static geometry. While the sphere is described as the most perfect and balanced form obtained from dynamic geometry.

SO now we come to the energetic part of geometry. Each dynamic form which appears in physical reality has a corresponding static form that appears in the invisible world or cosmic space. So you could describe that each little dynamic electron has a small static cube, while a an entire planet has a large energetic static cube.

Enter the Pyramid…… imagine we have a a cube that, and say that each side is two units long, this cube then can be divided into six pyramids. Each of these pyramids would have a height of one unit.  So if we use units as a measurement on one side of the great the great pyramid and say that one of the sides is two units long, then its height actually turns out to be the square unit of PHI instead of one unit long!!!!  This is quite amazing…….to explain further….the design of the the great pyramid comprised both static and dynamic geometry in physical form! The height of the pyramid represents dynamic geometry……..the underlying mathematical structure of nature, AND the actual shape of the pyramid is a clearly static form geometry. The floor of the kings chamber has the shape of a perfect golden rectangle which gives all the information that is neccessary to construct the Fibonacci series and the logarithmic spiral…you will see this in nature almost everywhere………especially the nautilus shell, sunflower seed formation in a sunflower to the movement of our solar system and universe and the construction of our own body! The universe is comprised of perfect golden ratio’s which we often refer to as beauty!

You can see the physical representation of this spiral in the above picture…this is the result of perfect geometry….. This was done with a high voltage tesla coil and a long exposure time. You can see the mathematical/energy spiral that is in the form of our own DNA…..the double helix.

NOW, back to the pyramid. The ancients knew about the workings of the universe, they knew about sacred geometry, they worked with nature and not against it. Imagine a world that used sacred geometry as the tool to build civilizations!!! instead of going for a walk or spending time in nature itself, natures energy could be available 24/7 in our own houses or places of work, interesting.

Now back to the beginning… you may have heard or read that the 3/4 up the pyramid in the center there is a space that accumulates energy. In the great pyramid this is know as the kings chamber. This has also been researched earlier this century with the pyramids ability to sharpen razors, sprout seeds and dehydrate small animal and food. You may have also heard that sitting in a pyramid during mediation has an effect on consciousness itself……..well it does!

One of the tools I use to capture energy on film is the “Oldfield Filter” This is an amazing little device that allows you to photograph the unseen world of energy. This is how it works. The filter slows down light into its primary colors, red, orange,yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Its funny that these are also the colors of our own chakra system…..see the connection yet? Before I go on the spectral colors of light are also specific frequencies from infrared to ultra violet, remember colors ARE frequencies. So the Oldfield Filter has the ability to show these frequencies and colors of light.

How the oldfield filter actually captures energy and entities that are unseen can be described as follows. Every thing in the universe creates its own electromagnetic field. Depending on the strength and density of that field depends on the rate at which light can pass through it. The Oldfield Filter shows light as it passes through invisible magnetic fields as a rainbow of colors. If you look through the filter in a control area……an area with normal ambient healthy magnetic fields you will see the pattern of the object  in the form of light.  If you look through he filter and you have a manifestation of an energy life form or a concentration of energy, the light will pass through it and be distorted around and through the actual entity. The filter has been termed “spiritual photonic photography” the name says it all. We generally can only see a very small part of the electromagnetic spectrum, from a small part of infrared to a small part of ultraviolet. The filter captures far beyond what we can visibly see. As the filter ually observing the natural ambient light actually slows down light it then can be made visible to us. This is why you see the rainbow colors.

So when you use the filter you are actually observing light pass through invisible electromagnetic fields. And you are looking at the pattern it is creating. So if you look through the filter and see the shape of a person or a ball of light you are actually observing the interaction of the light with the energy fields which will alter the speed of the light passing through the entity/energy field. You are looking at the interference of light.

So now we come to my picture of the pyramid……as mentioned earlier I have a replica of the great pyramid of Giza, I set all the walls of the pyramid to the four directions of the compass (magnetic north). I also placed a obelisk shaped quartz crystal on top to see the effect.  The following picture was taken with the use of the Oldfield filter. You see the beam of light passing through the top of the pyramid. What you then see approx 3/4 of the way up is a small interference pattern, a small white blur/ball of light!!! this is exactly what has been described for thousands of years! There actually is a a concentration of energy 3/4 up the pyramid. The Oldfield Filter was able to detect light passing through the pyramid and just where the 3/4 mark was the light was altered as it passed through an invisible concentration of energy. You also notice the bright light that sitting just above the pyramid!!!!!

The top picture shows the light accumulating above the pyramid, the middle pic shows a close up of the energy at the level of the kings chamber…3/4 of the way up. You will see this by the small alteration of white light within the turquoise color……….its called subtle energy for a reason.

The bottom picture is without the Oldfield filter. Amazing stuff. As you can see sacred geometry really has a an impact on ourselves and our environment. Sitting in this pyramid for mediation is also a wonderful experience!!!

Also to capture the best pictures with this filter you need to have a digital camera that has a manual aperture  setting from F1.8 -f2.8. You need to put your camera on aperture priority. This setting is what is recommended to capture the most vivid pictures of energy and entities.

If you would like to own an Oldfield Filter click here

Telekinesis, Healing and The Egely Wheel

A tool I have been using for many years now has been a wonderful device called the Egely Wheel . What is it you ask?  Well, I would like to start at the beginning. Throughout my life I have been fascinated with energy and healing. In my early years I had read about great martial arts masters who could perform paranormal feats of strength and endurance from mastering an invisible force called chi. Later on in life I was fortunate to meet such masters who could confirm what I had spent years trying to achieve myself. So started a life long journey into the martial arts for me from karate, judo, qigong, tia chi, shinkendo to name a few. I would quite often find in the midst of combat during competition that every now and then my movements were taken over by something else and that the “moment’ became all that was experienced. During this time a wonderful energy would be felt through my hands and a type of ecstasy.

I then started to wonder what this energy looked like and how could it be used other than for combat.  So I explored kirlian photography for 12 years until I found PIP/NEV.  During this time I also came across the Egely Wheel. Finally a device that was invented to actually train you to project and control energy from your hands and fingers!!!!

The above picture is of me with my left hand trying to turn the wheel, having a severe left brain activation my resources were focused on analytical tasks and not imagination. So there is no definite energy pattern observed, as the wheel did not turn.

The above picture is of my right hand, pretty much straight after the left one. You can see the small green, purple and red lines coming out of my finger tips! this is the energy, chi, prana, ki….whatever you would like to call it! The wheel was spinning very fast at this stage. Notice in the bottom left of the picture a pool of orange/red energy is formed……this is also projected from the hand! The wheel will turn the fastest of the part of the brain that is being used the most. Perfect balance is left and right brain hemispheric synchronisation, in which the wheel turns equal for both left and right hands.

For years I had been able to capture what this energy looked like but now I could see it had an actual effect on matter!!!! by physically moving an object from using intention alone.

So enter the Egely Wheel a small device thats main component is a very light wheel that sits atop a small polished ruby. This is the first device ever made that can actually train you AND measure Chi or energy using a measurement called VQ or vitality quotient. Your hand is placed close to the wheel and you simply think “turn” or imagine that water is spraying out of your hands. It’s as simple as that.  The egely wheel then measures the speed of the wheel and small LEDS light up as the wheel turns faster. A rotation of 200% is a healthy level while 400% is exceptional talent, very few people in the world can achieve this.  With consistent practice you are able to activate this energy at will, feel what your actual physical cues are and then control it. You are then able to first move the energy in and around your own body and then actually transmit it to others!

I have already started my 4 year old son William on it. On his first try he was able to make it spin faster than most adults!!! he is very happy about that.

Wills hand, Red energy comming out of his hands to turn the Egely WheelThe above picture is of Will turning the Egely wheel with his left hand, he has a strong red energy coming out of his finger tips, and energy pooling around the wheel itself.

In the advanced stages of training you can control two wheels at the same time…..THEN two at the same time while making them go in different directions. What is also interesting is that if you are getting sick – well before physical symptoms occur the wheel will slow down or won’t move at all. The wheel is turned by thought alone…..if you have a fever and radiating heat, the wheel will not budge one bit.

The Egely wheel has won many international invention awards and allows you to develop the skill of telekinesis without the years of martial art or healing training.

I have a lot of information about this which is too long to put in a blog. If you would like to buy one or read more visit this link on my website, purchase or learn more about the egely wheel

If anyone out side of Australia would like one let me know. Its a very exciting invention, it really allows you to turn imagination into reality.

I am also working on some NEV footage to show you so you can see the actual energy field in action turning the wheel!!!!!!

UFO’s and Vortices in Arizona

Hi All

This week is to show you all the footage I captured with PIP while staying  in Kingman,  Arizona. The following pictures were taken looking at the direction of the airport.

For a start I have always had a fascination with UFO’s and Extra-Terrestrial…….not of this Earth, life forms.

The amazing thing about PIP is that it has the ability to see behind the light or what is invisible to the naked eye. PIP does this by acting as an electronic eye to measure frequencies and photons of light itself. Due to our generally underdeveloped visual system…..eye/brain we generally cannot see the so called “unseen”.

PIP allows us to break light into patterns that have meaning and information and to be able to see the invisible to our naked eye. It was during our last few days traveling, that Hien, Julie and myself decided to have a look around the local skies with PIP as Kingman is known for various UFO phenomenon.

When I stepped out side with the PIP camera I pointed it towards the sky and to my surprise found that a giant vortex/portal like structure was right above us and in fact over Kingman itself!  Why this is significant is that you will only generally see the concentric circles radiating from the center if a focal light source is present ie a spot light illuminating the wall or the sun.  This PIP picture was taken in a perfectly blue sky with no clouds and the vortex was invisible to the naked eye!

What was interesting is that the center of it was pulsing and changing color! So we got in the car and drove around Kingman. What we found is that the portal was over the entire city!

We drove for a while  looking at the vortex. The entire time we could observe it from many different angles.

We parked in front of a house to have a talk about what we had  found.  I then turned the camera back on to have another look around. Before my eyes on the screen, were three flying balls of light that moved very fast. They were also coming out of and around the vortex!  By the time I pressed record I was able to catch the last one as it flew down at a very high speed and disappeared in the direction of the sun! All this was on a perfectly clear blue day! AND all this phenomenon was not observable to the naked eye.

I also took a PIP picture of a bird flying through the sky to show the difference. So you will find the following pictures very interesting indeed. The following pictures are a frame by frame capture of the fast moving ball of light, the vortex…both over Kingman and the Grandcanyon.

What is also quite amazing is that less than two weeks later, the Kingman local paper ran an article on UFO’s in Kingman that were captured on film!!!!! in the same same spot that I got my footage!!!!!  At that point the ET’s phase shifted to become visible to all!!!

I believe that UFO’s have the ability to some how phase shift and/or reflect the surrounding light to become invisible to the naked eye.

At the end of these pictures I have attached the link of the Kingman article.  I still find it amazing that many cultures have termed this “star People” and “Ancients” for thousand of years!!!! only now are we really starting to scratch the surface of what is around us.  If you would like to take this further I can’t strongly recommend enough the work of the CSETI organisation to begin contacting these higher evolutionary intelligences. Please post any questions or comments.

For your information the ” lines of color” you see in all the pictures are the lines of force of the electromagnetic field of our atmosphere produced by the sun. Any disturbances in this field reveals meaningful information and phenomenon.

As the ball of light appeared
  • UFO over Kingman, This ball of light flew out of the vortex towards the sun

UFO as is fly's into the sun

Just as it disappears

As you can see the bird flying looks like a bird!!! The vortex is just visible at the top of the page

The blue half ring at the top of the screen is the edge of the vortex, the circular pattern you see at the bottom left of the screen is the pattern from the sun

THis is looking into the vortex where the balls of light came from

This second vortex was captured over a sacred area of the Grandcanyon,

Click on this for the Kingman Newspaper Article