Biofield Reader (BFR)

Biofield Reader (BFR)

Where ancient wisdom and modern technology meet

Follow the link to download our free 97 page comprehensive biofield reader (BFR) training manual!

For thousands of years there have been individuals who claim to see what has traditionally been called an ‘aura’ of light surrounding a person.

Some sensitives report that this ‘aura’ or BioField gives them information about a person’s state of physical and emotional wellbeing. Most of us are unable to see this ’aura’ or BioField.

Modern technology, like the BioField Reader imaging system, is now able to reveal these normally ‘invisible’ light patterns by the application of specially designed electronic filters. These filters ascribe different colours to various, subtle intensities of light.

By using such filters, Biofield Reader is able to produce images which correlate closely with what many sensitives say they see in the BioField in different states of health and disease.

BioField Scanning is a completely non-invasive technique using a camera and a specialised computer program.

BioField Reader allows the practitioner to assess an individual’s BioField – where it is balanced and where it is out of balance. Scans also show the person having treatment just how they are improving. Biofield Imaging provides visual reinforcement that positive changes are happening.


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